Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dex Health Update - Thursday 8/15/2013

Dex is not having a great day today. Update from Mama Lisa!

"Dex has asked me to update everyone for him. He's feeling a little woozy right now so, typing is out of the question. The fabulous staff at Mililani Mauka fit us in between appointments this morning. Dex was (as always) happy to see everyone and flirted with the girls, accordingly.
'Mama, I'm not feeling good'
He weighs 77 pounds and did a good job of standing on the scale and NOT hiking his leg this time. Woohoo! Dex has a double ear infection (yeast) and Auntie Susan Matsui was correct in her hematoma guess. He had a drain tube inserted in his ear and stitched into place. We go back in 2-3 weeks for removal, we have a full course of Tresaderm drops and he got a couple of antibiotic injections, just in case. His jaw was a different matter and we will be going back for x-rays later. Doc was able to palpate a lump in the "cheek" are that is a concern. Dex is reactive to the manipulation, so we expect there is some pain there. He doesn't tolerate many pain meds well so we opted to skip Tramadol and just give an additional dose of Rimadyl for now. He's home now and trying to sleep off his TRX injection. We are waiting for a call back to come in for x-rays and will keep everyone."

We will keep everyone posted!

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