Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dex Medical Update: Tuesday July 2nd, 2013

By Sass

What a wonderful Tuesday morning it has been. Dex and his foster Mama (Lisa) have been super busy with vet appointments and consults. Today, we received some AMAZING news.

As many of you know - Dex came to the Oahu SPCA in late December with a very deformed back leg. After seeing the X-Rays it was recommended by two difference sources that his leg be amputated. All the necessary blood work was completed and he was given a clean bill of health (apart from the leg of course). He recently was neutered and had some dental work done as the majority of his teeth were damaged or infected.

The fundraiser at Manifest on the 22nd of June, raised enough money to complete his amputation surgery. We were super excited and started planing ahead. However, things took a slight turn. A visiting Orthopedic vet Dr. Burns (from California) had heard of Dex's story through a colleague. He is working on building a client base here on Oahu and decided to take a look at Dex.

It was suggested that a bone biopsy be done. So, Lisa dropped Dex off to Mililani Mauka Vet Clinic. After a day at the vet and a nice nap - the results were in. Today, Lisa and Dex took a trip back to the clinic to talk to the vet staff about the results and plans. Biopsy results came back - NO CANCER, thank God. However, he probably has a low grade bone infection that will be treated with extended round of antibiotics. Easy. The Doctors did additional x-rays and Ultrasound. Now, here is the HUGE news. they do NOT feel there is a need to amputate the leg. It is not the bone that's causing the problems, it is the severed inner ligament. This is amazing news. It was thought that amputation was the only way to make Dex's life pain free - we are so happy that another way has been found.

So, the course they are looking at proceeding with is a brace (yes, Dex is going bionic) and therapy. The Physical Therapy (PT) will be intense and strenuous. However, they feel that with the brace, proper care, PT, heat therapy, acupuncture and hydrotheraphy - Dex will have full movement and be pain free. This is incredible news. None of this would be possible without the incredible support of the Mililani Mauka Vet Clinic and his foster Mama. The brace is custom made by a place out of Colorado called OrthoPets. Dex had video clips and photos done early this morning and they shot and additional two X-Rays at different angles to submit to the company. They will send us a moulding kit and Dex will have a cast put on and mould made of the leg, then cut off the cast and sent in to the company for a brace. They will send it back a as soon as possible and we again cast and re-submit and finally we get the final product. The whole process takes about three weeks. So in short - Both the Orthopedic Vet and Dr. Jamie Wicklund Furutani  of Mililani Mauka believe the brace, therapy and mild grade pain medications when necessary (i.e. Rimadyl, etc) will easily manage all pain and discomfort without exposing him to the trauma of surgery and amputation.

Without the amazing generosity of all of Dex's donation support and the support of Mililani Mauka Veterinary Clinic - Dex wouldn't have this amazing opportunity to keep all his legs!

Here is a quick note from Dex:

"Aloha, all! Sorry, we haven't been keeping everyone updated like we should but we have been busy, busy, busy. I have been to several vet appointments and met tons of new people. I liked them all! I've been super patient and well behaved while being "poked and prodded" as Mama Lisa calls it. Some of the staff at the vet started calling me Mr. Aloha because they said I have a sunny disposition. I don't know what that means but they gave me cookies, so I figure it can't be a bad thing, right?

Today when we went to the vet, we got some really good news. They did a test on me a few days ago and today we learned that I do not have cancer. Mama said she knew that but it was still a huge relief to hear someone say those words out loud. Mamas worry, you know? They said there is some low grade infection in my leg, waaayyyyyy down in the bone so I have to take some medication for a while. I hope it tastes like a treat. Otherwise, I plan to make things difficult cause that's just how I roll.

And the really, really, super duper good news.......are you ready?????............I get to keep my leg. Mama and I were in disbelief at first and Mama must have asked the vets at least four times if they were sure, really sure, really really sure...well, you get the idea. They are certain! I did have a really bad fracture or break, no one knows for sure (and I'm not at liberty to say) but that's not really my problem. My pain comes from a severed ligament. And may I just say 'OUCH'. So I am being fitted for a custom made orthotic brace for my leg. That combined with some therapy like massage, accupuncture and things like hydrotherapy will make me almost pain free. If I stick to a regimen of low grade pain medications (Dr. Miss Jamie gave me Rimadyl today to try) I will be one happy, comfortable dog. Plus I will look like a Transformer with my leg brace and everyone knows that's wicked cool.

So, my friends, I just want to say again how very much Mama and I appreciate everything you have done to help me reach a solution to my pain and suffering. It means a whole lot to me. I'm about 3 weeks out from having my brace and probably another 3 weeks of build up wear time. After that, I am ready if anyone wants to party, take long walks on the beach or do other random fun things that require canine companionship"

We will keep you all posted :)

Special thanks to :

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