Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bionic Dex - The Final Step

Bionic Dex - The Final Step

The final step we have all been waiting for is finally here. After many fittings, some awkward vet sessions, some tummy problems and a new forever home - WE HAVE ROBODEX!!!!!!!

Dex on his Brace Fitting Day. 
Dex's journey is complete - he is relatively
pain free and has a great new
Mommy and Daddy. 
"Hi Everyone! Dex here. My brace is working wonders. My dad calls me RoboDex now. Makes me giggle. I have been wearing my new tarsal brace for 2 hours at a time 4 times a day since I got it. The first day or two I tried really hard to kick it off but it wouldn't budge. Then I tried walking really fast in circles but it just kept following me! It was crazy. Finally, I just decided if the brace wanted to stay, I was OK with it. (My mom totally thinks she won the battle, so please don't tell her I felt sorry for her and caved in. You know how delicate our humans can be). I don't like putting the brace on. It forces me off balance. Mom and Dad know that and they try really hard to make it a quick process for me. Sometimes, if dad is home, he stands on my good side and lets me lean into his legs and he helps me balance while mom straps me in. I now know that my bad leg can bear some weight with the brace so I'm learning a new gait as I walk. I have to say, I am pretty good at it. Spectacular, even. NO ONE can walk like the RoboDex walks! Mom says I'm a rock star. She's not wrong. I had a bout of tummy trouble the days before I got my brace (last week Friday) and spent a night at the vet. I didn't like it. They are really good to me there but I have a home now and I like to stay in it. They did a bunch of tests and lots of poking and prodding. We still don't really know why I didn't feel so good but because I had elevated amylase and lipase levels, they think maybe a mild chronic pancreatits. I'm feeling better now and my appetite is coming back. Baby steps...RoboDex style. Thanks everyone for your thoughts, prayers and support. I'm a happy dog with a home of my own. Every night I show my family my appreciation and gratitude. And every night I say a little dog prayer for my friends in shelters and homeless and wandering. May they all find safe and loving homes. Love, Dex"

We would like to thank everyone that played a part in Dex's journey. He couldn't have done it without all of your continued support, love and prayers. We will keep you updated as he continues to learn how to use his brace to the fullest and how he settles into the rest of his life with his Mommy and Daddy. 

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