Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dex - The Fairy Tail Ending.

As I'm sure some of you have read from the previous blog Dex Medical Update: Tuesday July 2nd, 2013, Dex's story took a bit of a twist from the original plan - in a great way.

For the last few weeks following that update, Dex has been undergoing lots of tests, scans, fitting and exams. But it will all be worth it. He is a pro at vet visits now. His bio-mechanical help arrives on Oahu on Monday, so next week he will be bio-Dex very soon. We cannot wait to see pictures.

We wanted to give you an update about how he is adjusting to his new family and life in foster. To start with, we have mentioned before that Dex is a very particularly picky eater. He will refuse every treat you offer him, UNLESS.......they are Peanut Butter Flavor Softies. He will do anything you want for a Blue Dog Bakery treat. His Foster Mama told us about how he will jump right up and be ready for anything with the shake of a box. He is such a funny guy.

Even the older guys like to get their own way - a puppy isn't the only one that can throw a little temper tantrum. Apparently on Thursday he didn't like what was going on and told his Foster Mama. This involved a lot of grumbling, sulking and door attacking. He didn't want to be outside anymore and tried to rectify it. Oh boy! We think last week was a bit rough on him. He had a fitting with a new doctor he didn't know and we think it got a bit rough and hurt just a little more than he is used too. So we think he was feeling just a little sore and cranky.

We got a little insight into Dex as well. His Foster Mama was telling us about how he hates their garage. How bizarre. He will slink up the stairs and hug the walls. He hates it - maybe he knows that's where his toys get washed. Foster Mama Lisa is working day by day with him to help him to know that it isn't a bad place and he doesn't have to feel scared or insecure.

And here it is. The news everyone has been waiting for.......the reason for the title of this blog! As of August 7th - DEX IS ADOPTED. Yes, it is true. After months of working with him and his schedule of tests and fundraisers - Foster Mama Lisa and Foster Daddy Bruce have decided that they just could not let him go and they want to drop the "Foster" from their titles. They have fallen in love. We couldn't be happier. Dex has fitted smoothly into their pack which is now totaling five. Corey, Simon, Brittany and Jeanette didn't make it easy at first but they are now his family. Lisa and Bruce have opened their hearts and homes to many of the Oahu SPCA's angels. They are active fosters and volunteers. In fact, Brittany, Simon and Jeanette were part of the "Dumpster Babies" known affectionately as "The Chipmonks". Lisa and Bruce fostered four of the six sick puppies and fell in love. They are now super happy 10-month old piles of fun. They has also added Erin (a blind cat) and Stunner (a rehabilitated teenage feral cat) to their pack. They are true advocates for those that cannot speak for themselves. We are ecstatic that they have welcomed in their latest addition to their hearts and home. We know that he will be well cared for, get all the Peanut Butter Flavor Softies he could ever want and be spoiled rotten with love and affection.

Pictures of bio-Dex and with his new family to come very soon!

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