Saturday, June 22, 2013

The "Piggies"

Meet the Pigs!

Gargoyle (m) and Gremline (f) came to the Oahu SPCA on May 12th, 2012. These adorable six-month old Blue Pit Bull siblings are the sweetest babies. The are extremely affectionate and will do anything for a cuddle. We knew when they came in that they had been diagnosed with Demodectic Mange. Demodectic mange is caused by a sensitivity to and overpopulation of Demodex Canis (a tiny parasitic mites that live in or near hair follicles) if the animal's immune system is unable to keep the mites under control.

However, after a short time with us we noticed that Demodectic Mange wasn't the only thing that may be wrong - healthwise. Unfortunately, it looks like their family history is a little close - in short, inbreeding. Gargoyle has started to become under developed. His walking is labored. When Gargoyle first came to us he weighed 25lbs. Gremline was 35lbs. This is unusual because Gargoyle is the male and would normally be the larger. He is also suffering a corkscrew tail. 

Their picture and story was shared on the Oahu SPCA Facebook page and it went viral. A short time later, the shelter was contacted by Kama'aina Pet Hospital ( They offered to take care of the treatment of the Demodectic Mange to help them recover. They have supplied their medication and vet care free of charge and love their company each week for their check up. 

On their first visit (6/7/13), Gargoyle's condition was definitely a concern. However, they had their full health work up. Gremline was at 52lbs and Gargoyle was at 32lbs. A definite improvement. Their skin was also starting to look a little better. After hours of tests and skin scrapes, a new treatment plan of Simplicef, Ivomectic, Maleseb/Pyoben baths and Diphenhydramine (Benedryl) was prescribed. Grem is well on her way to looking and feeling so much healthier with her new treatment plan. Gargie will need some more in-depth care. 

An X-Ray of his lower half shows some serious malformations in his spine and rear end. We are working with Dr. Erik Pegg and Dr. Deanna Pegg (and the staff) to come up with a plan of attack for his care and future health. The Oahu SPCA cannot thank you enough for the help, support and care that was shown by Kama'aina Pet Hospital and they look forward to our weekly visits. 

Gremline - 6month Old Blue Pit Bull
Let's introduce them a little more!

Gremline, or Grem for short, is an amazing girl. She is very loving baby. She is never short of a kiss and a hug. With help, she is learning to sit on command. This little thing (little being age, not weight) is as loyal as they come. She will happily sit beside you and will never turn down a snuggle on your lap if it's big enough. Just recently she received her first toy at the shelter - it was a grey elephant with lots of legs. It was her best friend of all time. She carried it everywhere. She was even super nice and shared it with Gargoyle. 

For most of her life, she has been taking care of her baby brother (Gargoyle). She makes sure he is warm and will always protect him on a walk. She will even lie beside him and put her arm over him to make sure that he is warm and safe. 

This girl is a social butterfly, she loves to go on her long walks and play in the park - she even loves her weekly visits to Kama'aina Pet Hospital because she gets to ride in the car (her favorite) and see all her favorite people and smell amazing things. Grem loves life to the fullest and hasn't let her previous life slow her down. 

Gargoyle - 6 month old Blue Pit Bull
Gargoyle, or Gargie for short, is a very unique little man. He has always been the littlest and has never let that stop him. He goes for what he wants - DINNER. He loves his chow and his kisses. Born with a spinal defect and corkscrew tail he will always have a distinct walk. In the words of a friend of his "he was born into retirement". He will have limits for the rest of his life, he will be unable to walk long distances, walk up and down stairs, or be able to run/jump. But he is ok with that. 

He is a little slow waking up, but he is extremely friendly and always wants to be a part of the show. His favorite spot is on his comfy bed where he can watch what is going on. He isn't big on toys, but he does like to pick on his big sister. He will walk up beside her and nibble on her ear. She will gently play with him and he loves it. Gargie has one of the best smiles around - just look how happy he is (pictured right). He loves to walk out to the grass and sit down and smell all the smells - you can truly see the goofy pup that he is. He will also never turn down free ride (you carrying him) back from his walk. He loves a long cuddle. 

These two beautiful babies will be followed through their treatments and hopefully onto their new and wonderful forever homes. The "Piggies" are currently residing at the Oahu SPCA if you wish to go by and say hi. They love visitors and you can see just how long their loving tongues really are!

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