Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dex - From Tethered to Tremendous

Dex's journey started with the Oahu SPCA started December 21st, 2012. He was tied to our fence early one morning. He was barely able to walk and had very little fur. He was diagnosed with Demodectic Mange and a recently injured leg. In the last few months, he has been receiving treatment for his Mange and we are managing his leg injury with pain medication.

The Great Staff at Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital on his Stage 1 check in day.
At the beginning of May,  he received his second NEGATIVE skin scrap and has officially been cleared of Demodectic  Mange. His coat is looking fine and he is stronger than ever. The Oahu SPCA decided to look into other management options for his read leg. We decided to consult with Dr. Achiu at Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital. When at the vet, Dr. Achiu gave us some medical insight into Dex. They believe that Dex was slightly older than we believed. She put his age at over 8-Years old. They evaluated his teeth and made an alarming discovery that the majority of his teeth were shattered or cracked. They recommended 70% removal of his current teeth. On May 23rd 2013, he spent the day at the clinic and had his teeth removed and he was neutered. 

It was also confirmed by x-rays that his back right hock joint was dislocated and not set properly - hence his limp. This is why we started Dex's Surgery Fund. We are looking into removing the effected joint area - amputation. Which is a very serious and expensive surgery. He is managing very well right now and will even bear full weight on it - unfortunately we cannot keep him on pain killers for the rest of his life. The vet has recommended to remove the limb. X-Rays of the L hip were done to see if the hip would handle the amputation and everything looks great. 

Due to his age, we wanted to limit the times he is sedated. Hence why we are doing his surgery in stages. His first stages was the teeth removal and neuter.  Then after recovery (in a few months) completing the amputation.  He is ready and waiting on enough funds to pay for Stage two. 

All of this comes at a large cost. We wanted to share his story with you to see if you would be interested in helping Dex with his two surgery dates. The complete cost is almost $4,200. Dex is a great dog, he isn't letting his injury or mange slow him down. 

Foster Words - 
Dex loves his car rides!

After Stage 1 - Dex wasn't feeling so good, but Lisa (foster Mama) looked after him. 

Dex always has a smile on his face !

Dex loves to follow bugs!

He will also require a long term foster home to recover in - we are looking at someone who has had experience with rehabilitation. If you are interested in helping donate, please do so on here. If you wish to help Dex in other ways (foster/wet food donations) please email! You can also donate at 

Even the Office Cat (Cali) is on Dex's plight!

Dex looking happy and handsome!

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